Доверившись потоку вдохновенья, свое призвание найдешь.

Go with the flow of endless inspiration in search for your calling.



Hi viewers!

My name is Natalya Kovaleva. I’m a psychologist and English teacher. This is what I do most of the time. I work at an international kindergarten and I do psychological consultations. I “discipline” kids and their parents. To me my job is always a source of energy and inspiration. No matter how tired I come home from work, I always end up in the kitchen. I always tell myself that I am not going to cook anything complicated, but I don’t notice how quickly I get carried away. This is the start to my second, but not so secret life.

I've liked cooking since I was a student at school. I had my own book where I would write down my mother’s recipes or paste and cut out recipes from magazines, gradually building up my own collection. At first I would spend a lot of time on one recipe, thinking about how I would cook that dish, and about what changes could be made in case of the absence of some ingredients and equipment.