Hi viewers!

My name is Natalya Kovaleva. I’m a psychologist and English teacher. This is what I do most of the time. I work at an international kindergarten and I do psychological consultations. I “discipline” kids and their parents. To me my job is always a source of energy and inspiration. No matter how tired I come home from work, I always end up in the kitchen. I always tell myself that I am not going to cook anything complicated, but I don’t notice how quickly I get carried away. This is the start to my second, but not so secret life.

I've liked cooking since I was a student at school. I had my own book where I would write down my mother’s recipes or paste and cut out recipes from magazines, gradually building up my own collection. At first I would spend a lot of time on one recipe, thinking about how I would cook that dish, and about what changes could be made in case of the absence of some ingredients and equipment.

Every weekend in the morning my mother would bake piroshky, pies, buns, you name it! It feels so satisfying to wake up from the scent of baking pastry or the sound of piroshky being fried. During my childhood there was no feeling of how time passes. Perhaps that was happiness…

To some people it may sound ridiculous, but food is what can satisfy a person. People like to gather at one table to be social and to get the satisfaction of the food that is being served. Some people are ready to travel endless distances and spend a lot of money to try some sort of exotic food. Oh how satisfying it feels to sit at one table with a company of friends and make pelmeni! Sophisticated cooking and beautiful serving of a dish is much more precious than just a bunch of calories, vitamins, etc. When you understand that cooking and serving can be art, an endless field of possibilities opens up.

An average dinner can be a celebration for the whole family, but if it comes to a special feast, the cook needs to put a part of his soul into the dish.

I love cooking everything, but the things I love to cook the most are desserts and bread. By inventing and producing desserts you can get creative and artistic. By baking bread, you are working with the living world. You start to taste, watch, and understand, producing something new as a result. It is impossible to find a person who wouldn’t be happy just from the sight of freshly baked bread!

When it comes to small celebrations, what satisfies the participants tremendously is when in front of you is fresh pastry, a beautiful cake, or a glamorous bun next to a cup of coffee or tea.

Those are the feelings I put into my products which I want to share with everyone!